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Be a safety guardian and show your mobile workforce you care.


The JMS automated app allows you to monitor and support your travelling workforce and deliver emergency responses in rapid time.


The world is a mobile place, but driving is one of the riskiest tasks any worker will undertake. Which is why we designed JMS, an app that ensures anyone that drives for work has support no matter where they are or what happens.

Key Features

Real-time Mobile GPS

High accuracy mobile GPS provides instant or last known location info with multiple timezones supported

Auto Checkpoints + Alerts

If pre-set checkpoints aren’t reached, alerts are sent via SMS, push notification and email with no driver interaction required.

Fully Customisable

Each business and industry is different. Our team will work with you to create a personalised solution for your needs.

Cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly operations to maximise safety and simplify HSE compliance.


The JMS front end has been designed for ease of use while packing in all of the features required for completely automated safety operations for your mobile workforce.
As well this, every single UI can be customised for your business, including your own logo, colours and branding.


JMS provides bespoke features for your individual business needs to ensure safety compliance is a snap.

Resources + Construction
Health + Education
Government + Communities
Transport, Freight + Logistics
Resources + Construction
Keep workers safe in remote locations

Travelling as a work function is vital across all tiers of the resources sector including oil, gas, mining and renewables. These workers also traverse larges distances between job sites, often in remote and rural locations. Construction also has a high volume of travelling workers with projects dotted across vast distances geographically.


JMS has the right features for complete protection

Monitoring a remote workforce in resources and construction can be a challenging task and many journey management plans require manual check-ins. The JMS app automates this process with features including:


  • Geotagged checkpoints
  • Alerts through SMS, push notification and email
  • Fatigue management
  • Full fleet monitoring
  • HSE compliance
Health + Education
Health providers are heading back into homes

For a while there, the days of the old-fashioned home visit from the doctor appeared to be over. Now, more and more health care providers are back behind the wheel and delivering services in people's houses which means their safety on the road becomes an additional layer of risk management. JMS can help monitor and protect health service providers including:


  • Mobile doctor to your door services
  • Allied health professionals
  • Aged care assistance providers and;
  • Regional and rural health care professionals
Education extends beyond the classroom

Whether it is a primary school, secondary school or higher education institutions like university and TAFE, students are being placed remotely for a range of reasons.


Excursions, placements, practical assessments - JMS can ensure their safety no matter where they are studying.

Government + Communities
Local governments have large fleets of mobile workers

Councils and small government bodies have large responsibilities towards their constituents which require workers with a wide range of skills. This can mean travelling large distances as part of the job function and many drivers across a range of different professions on the road at once. These include:


  • Trade services
  • Road repair teams
  • Lawn and garden maintenance personnel
  • IT technicians and;
  • Transport services


Mobile skilled workers delivering results for communities

Rural and remote locations can sometimes struggle to attract skilled workers. Which is why many companies will service many of these communities at once, with travelling skilled workers servicing multiple regions and communities. JMS is the perfect tool to monitor their movements and ensures they are safe.

Transport, Freight + Logistics
The trucks on the road are driving global economies

There is no question that this is a booming industry that is only going to continue to expand in the coming years. Consumers continue to move towards online purchases which means more freight, more delivery services and more logistics across the board. Already, the global freight industry has grown from being a $113 billion USD industry in 2009 to a $168 billion USD industry in 2019. This is due to a range of factors including:


  • Online commerce
  • Customer demand
  • The global marketplace and; 
  • Improvements in technology (more people working from home)


JMS provides a single platform to monitor even the largest fleets and ensure all drivers reach their destination safely, deploying emergency services rapidly if they do not meet designed checkpoints. Because their travel takes drivers through remote and rural locations, the app’s mobile GPS functionality allows for safety monitoring where ordinary check-in procedures might fail.

JMS in action

Mitchell Services is Australia’s largest provider of drilling services as well as global providers to exploration, mining and energy companies and operations. Safety is paramount in all of their operations which is why JMS has been rolled out for all of their workers.

Over 200,000 users worldwide trust JMS with their safety

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